LarryFinkShortLongBtcETFBlackCock $XBC 0x178a20a90ac4914f1a09254b64233564afdacf5a



0x178a20a90ac4914f1a09254b64233564afdacf5a $XBC LarryFinkShortLongBtcETFBlackCock

Total supply: 21 million

πŸ”₯ πŸ”₯ πŸ”₯ Taxes: 4.5 / 4.5 πŸ”₯ πŸ”₯ πŸ”₯

fund 3% Cock Coop Yield Farm

1% BakaAaWw fund

Cock dApp


Side Effects

Being Bullish AF

Instant Boss Mode

Partying with hookers




Cock Paper

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The following text constitutes the definitive statement and provides essential information regarding, a site created by enthusiasts for the token XBC ("XBC") which exists on the Ethereum blockchain. Those considering or currently engaging with XBC should carefully consider and understand all aspects of this disclosure before any interaction with XBC tokens. It is imperative to note that there has been no distribution or intention to offer any form of financial instruments, products, or assets by the community. Specifically, this includes the distribution of XBC tokens. Such tokens should not be regarded as a security, commodity, or any form of financial instrument, and they have not been registered under any jurisdiction's securities laws. XBC tokens are purely digital entities on the Ethereum blockchain and are not underpinned by any physical commodities, securities, or currencies; thus, they inherently hold no value. Their valuation is entirely speculative, dependent on market dynamics, and carries the risk of dropping to zero. Interaction with XBC tokens does not afford the holder any rights or claims to compensation, reimbursement, governance, or control within the XBC community or its wider initiatives. Ownership of these tokens does not grant any rights to profits, decision-making powers, or any other benefits typically linked with financial assets. This communication is not an invitation to engage but is a forthright declaration intended to inform and warn those interested in XBC tokens about their speculative nature and the inherent risks involved. This document serves as a candid and comprehensive disclaimer necessitated by the unpredictable and often opaque world of cryptocurrency and its operation within the decentralized confines of blockchain technology. Please note, this is purely for entertainment purposes, passionately crafted by Black Cock enthusiasts.